Henry Wong

Licensed Real Estate Agent | Lead Sale Agent

About me


That’s the mantra of The Henry Wong Team® at Harcourts Beyond on the Brisbane Southside. For over a decade, Henry’s bilingual team leverages their cross-cultural connections both online and offline and expertise to ensure they market properties to local, overseas and interstate buyers, with extensive dealings with affluent buyers.
We focus on a quality, strategic based business model not a transactional, volume based model like most agents.

With an extensive and ever-expanding network of Australian and overseas buyers, Henry and his team quite often sell a high percentage of properties to out of area and passive buyers. These are buyers that were first introduced by the team as well as buyers that have never heard of, never considered or currently not looking to buy in the area. This is evident in their ever-growing social media following:

• 10,000 plus Facebook followers

In addition, a growing list of recommendations for The Henry Wong Team® include an average:

• 105 x 5 STAR Google Reviews;
• 73 x 5 STAR reviews;
• 83 x 5 STAR ‘Rate my Agent’ reviews;
Harcourts Beyond where we work from is a multi-lingual office which boasts:
• 284x 4.8 STAR Google Reviews

Henry has built a team around him who consistently deliver on the fundamentals that made him successful. Fundamentals that uphold inspiring levels of ethics; incorporate faultlessly clear channels of communication; and stay true to Henry’s relentless quest to be a leader of innovation in the industry.

As well as becoming a multi award-winning, forward-thinking, client centric-team, we’ve built up a digital and physical network and presence that’s the engine behind our success. We’re a fully bilingual team, fluent in both English and Mandarin. Our website,, is also entirely bilingual.

So if you’re looking for real estate agents who provide an unparalleled service; who have a direct link to the world of affluent buyers; who are more likely to get your property sold off-market; and who uphold the highest standards of professionalism and innovation, then you can stop looking.

You’ve found the Henry Wong Team®.